Meet our Coaches


Cyndi Brown

Cyndi Brown is a Certified Ketogenic Living Coach and an Intermittent Fasting Coach, with a Master’s Degree in Counseling, with an emphasis on eating patterns.

She has a passion for encouraging others and helping them along on their journey to physical and emotional wellness.

She has spent countless hours working one-on-one, and in groups with people who are looking for a positive health change in their lives. She measures her success by each forward step taken by her clients. With an ever-growing list of clients experiencing better health, remarkable weight loss, and sharper minds, Cyndi is realizing her dream over, and over again, and she finds it to be an incredible journey that she invites everyone to join her on.

Makenna Nero

Makenna hails from the PNW. She is a wife and mother of two. At 29 she found herself pregnant and fighting cancer. She began to have many struggles from cancer, to mood, weight, and intense brain fog. Her life changed when she found Keto.

She has been living a ketogenic lifestyle for nearly 2 years, is cancer free, lost 40 lbs, she has energy, a clear mind, and is thriving. As certified Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach who is a trained midwife, and has a BA in women’s studies, she specializes in working with women. She can’t wait to get started with supporting you!

Danielle Simpson

Danielle has been coaching her entire life. She has a passion for helping others to better themselves. She became a certified Ketogenic Lifestyle coach as well as a Certified Life Coach to further help others in their success.

Danielle started her ketogenic journey not only for weight-loss, but also to help cope with stress, grief, emotional eating, and overall general emotional & physical health. Through her own success it empowered her to help numerous clients to reach their personal goals of a healthier happier life.

Mena Freed

Keto Mena is a community of people ready to change their lives from a place of lethargy and weight gain to a place of healing where they become healthy and feel happy! Mena is a Ketogenic Living Certified Coach/Intermittent Fasting Coach who has lost 45lbs and is Medication free from an array of health issues. She works with women in particular.

She went from a life of constant medications, surgeries and depression to a life of joy and health. She wants the EXACT same thing for you. Friends, food is healing. What we put into our bodies has a direct reflection upon our health.

Her family means everything to her and she spent too long unhappy and under-serving the people she loves most. Doing something as simple as changing what she eats has changed her life in more ways than she ever dreamed possible.

Sandi Korshnak

Sandi Korshnak is a Certified Ketogenic Living/ Intermittent Fasting Coach specializing in women over 40 who want to take back their health by changing the way they eat. She has lost 120 pounds following the ketogenic/fasting lifestyle and loves to help others do the same.

Sandi is also a 7-year breast cancer survivor with hypothyroidism and has reversed her hypertension and pre-diabetic blood sugar levels. She started keto to lose weight but found many of the other medical reasons to stay keto. She loves to cook and bake keto foods and show others how keto CAN be sustainable for ANY lifestyle.

Kimberly Hurst

Kimberly is a busy mom who balances her kids, home, and health all while helping others to do the same.

Kimberly's desire to help others shows in her client’s success. She understands the struggles of being on the go from game to game with the kids, and how things just don’t always go as planned.

Being a Certified Ketogenic coach, Kimberly can help you turn your health around with the ketogenic lifestyle so that not only you, but your family can strive too. Knowing what it’s like to feed a family, especially kids, Kimberly always has an answer for a healthier food option that everyone can enjoy.