• Get 10+ keto snacks delivered monthly!

  • ✔ Starts at $36 + FREE Shipping

  • Exclusive monthly coupons to your favorite keto snacks

  • FREE 28 day meal plan

  • ✔ Gain access to our MEMBERS ONLY SHOP to save $$$ on snacks

Past Boxes

Past Box #1

Keto Snack Box January 2022

Past Box #2

March Keto Snack Box

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April Keto Snack Box

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Keto Snack box june 2022



What's in the box?

We include

  • ✔ On the go snacks such as bars, cookies, sweets, nuts, meat items

  • ✔ Baking ingredients such as cookie and brownie mixes, keto sweeteners

  • ✔ Condiments and sauces such as keto friendly ketchups, BBQ sauces

  • ✔ Drinks such as flavored water, keto friendly sodas

We try to avoid

  • ✗ items over 5g net carbs

  • ✗ items with non keto-friendly sweeteners

Here’s how it works

1. Subscribe to The Keto Box

Purchase a monthly subscription for $40. Cancel any time. Your subscription will renew the following month on the 15th at 12:00AM UTC

2. Receive low carb goodies

Each month you'll get 10+ awesome essentials crucial for your weight loss journey. Boxes are shipped on the 5th of every month.

3. Send snack feedback

After every month, we'll ask what you liked or didn't like in the box. This helps us curate the best boxes for our customers!

What our customers think of The Keto Box


1Why should I order a keto snack subscription box?

Keto is hard, we know that first hand. Having ready made snacks at your disposal definitely makes keto easier. We source either brand new keto snacks or hard to find snacks you won't find in your local grocery store.

2 Why Keto Box instead of Amazon or other outlets?

Glad you asked! On Amazon, you can't just buy ONE of a snack. They're going to bundled in packs of 4 or 6 -- and who knows if you're going to like it without trying it first? We include 10+ unique, full sized snacks each month so you can discover what you like.

3What comes with the keto snack box subscription?

When you sign up, you'll receive a few things. The first being the box of course! Secondly, you'll gain access to our MEMBERS ONLY shop where we list snacks for much, much cheaper than you'll find in stores.

4 When will I get my box?

We ship on the 5th of every month, so you'll have your box on the second week of the month. If you order a past month's box as well, we'll ship that out to you the next business day!

5 What types of snacks come in The Keto Box

Our keto snack subscription box includes keto bars, keto chocolate, keto cookies, keto sweets, keto desserts, keto cake mixes, keto cupcakes, keto bread, tons of grab and go keto snacks, keto meat sticks, keto chips, keto drinks, keto cereal, keto drink mixes & keto meal substitutes.

6 How will a keto snack subscription box help me stay on track?

You will no longer have to hunt for keto snacks at the grocery store. Our team will do all of the research to ensure the snacks you receive are keto friendly and delicious. We make sure you have keto snacks on hand all month to stay on the keto diet!

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